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Van Roof Bars | Toyota Proace 2016 on | 4 x Aluminium ULTIBar+ Roof Bar System L2H1 (Standard/Low Roof)

£224.99 inc. VAT

: £387.60

Van Guard ULTIBar+ and ULTIBar+ systems are manufactured from lightweight and robust aluminium profiles, which are designed to reduce wind noise and drag, and come complete with two pairs of FREE load stops.

A ladder roller is a handy addition to your roof bars which helps you load heavy items onto the roof without damaging the rear doors. The roller spans the distance between the roof brackets so allows for virtually full width loading.


4 bar Aluminium ULTIBar+ system L2H1 Twin Door Model including FREE Load stops.

Van Guard Accessories Aluminium ULTIBar+ bars are made from high strength, lightweight anodised aluminium so won’t corrode, and are designed, and tested, to carry more than your van roof is rated for.
The bars have an innovative T-track across their length, where you can fix additional load stops, eyebolts for rope and beacon mounting brackets.
They are designed and made in Britain.
Eash set of bars comes with two pair of load stops, which can be fitted to any of the bars, and ar adjustable your requirements.
The bars have a profiled front edge, which not only helps to reduce wind noise, it also improves the aerodynamic drag to increase fuel efficiency.
Up to 60% to 70% quieter than other leading bars*.
10% stronger than previous aluminium bar – each bar has been tested up to 80kg (Please refer to your vehicle’s handbook for actual carrying capacity)

Note: The roof of your van has a maximum permitted carrying capacity set by the vehicle manufacturer, which can be obtained from them or their dealers, or should be listed in the vehicle manual. This states the total weight limit for the entire roof, which includes the weight of the roof bars/rack.

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 1400 × 60 × 30 mm

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